An Unexpected Journey


Sometimes life has a way of finding you, and sending you in a particular direction, even when you aren’t even looking. That is how Creative Life Publishing came about. After working for several years in the field of education, including an opportunity to teach philosophy, ethics, and early American history as an adjunct instructor, my life took a turn back to more domestic duties.

In 2002 my husband and I traveled to China to adopt our daughter Gracie, and in 2005 we returned to China to bring our youngest daughter, Annie, home. With one toddler and one pre-schooler keeping me busy, I was quite content to hang out at home with our kiddos.

During those years I discovered the amazing opportunities available for creative engagement through the internet with other artistic / literary folks. That’s where my journey into writing, editing, and publishing really got started.

All along the way I experimented with various artistic expressions, from designing and creating children’s boutique clothing, to art journals, to blogging . . . and then I expanded on all of those avenues.

After our girls were in grade school, in 2010 I was asked to help with marketing an online Christian women’s magazine, Ruby Women. Since I was already working at home and had been doing quite a bit of writing and marketing of my own blog and eBook patterns for children, it seemed like a pretty good way to connect with other women, so I said, “Yes!”

Before too long, however, the original editor of Ruby Women magazine contacted me to tell me that she was no longer going to be able to continue with the magazine for health reasons, and wondered if I would like to take over the entire project. By that time, I felt confident enough to give it a try and that was the beginning of my unexpected journey to writing, editing, and publishing.

There is so much more to this story, including the opportunities to work with writers from all across the USA as well as writers from many other English-speaking countries. I am honored to have this opportunity and look forward to helping other writers discover the treasure of their stories. Isn’t it time for you to tell your story?